Here are some of my favorite things for education! I am an Amazon Associate so I do benefit when you use these links


The calculator below is my ALL TIME FAVORITE calculator!! It is absolutely amazing!! It allows students the ability to type in complicated formulas exactly how they see them on their page.  It is easy to use for fractions (no more struggling with common denominators).  It automatically simplifies radicals, hello easy quadratic formulas.  Not to mention it is allowed on the SAT and the ACT! Even though I have my graphing calculator, this one is one I use for my day to day math problems.  In my classroom it is referred to as Miss Crady's Magic Calculator!

Google WiFi

I was constantly restarting my router all of the time or having dead zones in my house! The I got Google Wifi :) It has software that constantly is looking for the least congested channel.  If you do need to restart you can do it directly from your phone! You can also set a priority device so that it gets the bandwidth first before the other devices on your network. It also has the ability to turn the wifi access off for certain devices and PARENTS love that feature for monitoring their children's internet access.

Meko Fine Tip Stylus

This is my favorite stylus to use.  It writes cleanly on my Ipad and give me great control when writing or drawing.  There are two different tips to this stylus. 

Graphing Calculator

Even though I LOVE my Casio sometimes you need to bring out the big guns! Students are allowed to begin using graphing calculators in my classes beginning in Algebra 2.  They can be great tools for taking standardized tests.  I require my AP Calc and AP Stats students to have them in order to run tests and programs for the AP Exams.  I have the 84 plus silver edition and it gets the job done.  It runs on regular batteries that last forever so you never have to worry about your calculator being dead.  The NEW color ones are backlit so you can use them in a dark room. They also use colors to graph so it makes function recognition easier  when you have multiple graphed at one time. It has to be recharged though so you need to keep an eye on the battery.

ScanMarker Pen

This pen scans text and handwriting to be read aloud or to add to a documents.  This item is great for students that have learning challenges.  Perfect for note taking. Works with Word, Pages, Google Doc and more!

Best Pencils EVER!!

Everyone knows that a teacher's favorite pencil is THIS ONE!! They right so nice, sharpen well, and last FOREVER.