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Notebook and Keyboard

Doors are Open!


Step 1:

Once you enter your email address, you'll get access to the gift claim page where you can access $75 worth of Back to School resources to use in your classroom.

Step 2:

Pick and choose as many gifts as you want from the special claims page. Our amazing contributors are giving away some of their best resources absolutely FREE!

Step 3:

Once you've claimed your gifts, they are yours to keep forever so go ahead and buy a bigger piggy bank to house your savings- you're going to need it!

How Does the free bundle work?

Great Question! First, put your name and email address after you click the button. From there, we'll email you the link to access the gift claim page. Then you can sign up for the individual gifts you would like to receive. 

You get to choose from ____ exclusive free gifts that are only available until August 5th 11:59 pm CST

What's the Catch?

The only catch is the Middle School Back to School Bundle is that you have to sign up for each individual gift after getting to the claim page before August 5th at 11:59 CST.

I could only twist my creator's arms to let me give away most of their paid products completely free for about 5 days. So if you get to the claim page and don't actually sign up for the individual gift(s) that you want, you're going to miss out.

You get to pick and choose from ___ exclusive free gifts that are only going to be available until August 5th 11:59 pm CST including:

What kind of things can i sign up for?

Absolutely not!

You will only get added to the people's email list when you claim their gift. And if you want to unsubscribe immediately, go ahead and do so. But trust me, they treat all of their new subscribers from the free bundle like gold

The Middle School Back to School Bundle goes live August 1st at 8:00 am CST and disappears on August 5th at 11:59 pm CST

Will i have to put in my credit card info?

That is an excellent question,

For all of the gifts, all you'll be asked to do is put n your name and email address. 

The reason being is that  I want to make sure that the contributors and I are not getting our email lists flooded with spam subscribers because it has definitely happened once before.  By having you give your email address before being able to claim your gift, we can almost guarantee our email lists will not be flooded with spambots.

Will I be added to every contributor's email list?

HoW long is this available?

Why do I need to put in my email address on this page?

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