Miss Crady the Math Lady will be open this summer to provide a variety of enrichment for students! Whether you are looking to catch up for a learner that is behind, reinforce concepts previously learned, get a jump start of next year's material, or skip a level, there is a program that is the perfect fit for you.


Full Curriculum Classes with Live Online Office Hour Support offered:

Math 6

Math 7 


Algebra 1


Algebra 2 

Tutoring for College and Online Classes is available throughout the Summer!

SAT/ACT Prep sessions are available!

Math Factory Multiplication/Division Classes are returning TBA!

Financial Literacy Workshops TBA!

Math in Art Workshop TBA!

STEAM Around the World Camp TBA!

Does your child have a summer Math need you are not sure how to meet? Contact me now and lets find a custom option for your child.