Math 4

$365 Per Semester

Strong Math Foundation

Singapore Math is one of the top homeschool mathematic programs.

Support Given

Not sure that you are explaining that right? Stuck on a problem? There is no need to worry about this with Math 3 with Mrs. A and Miss Crady! Step by step support so you can be su

Math is Alive

Each week, students will participate in a variety of activities and games to help the math concepts stick in the minds of the students. 

Fill in Gaps

Miss Crady utilizes Prodigy Math Game to help reinforce what is being learned in class and help fill in knowledge gaps for students.  


Whole Numbers


Multiplication and Division








Perpendicular and Parallel Lines


Area and Perimeter




Decimal Operations





No Charter? No Problem! Miss Crady proudly offers discounts for out-of-pocket students including out of state students! Scholarships are also available!

Singapore Math is known throughout the homeschool world and boasts high test scores for students.  Sometimes, parents are intimidated with how to teach this unique method at home, and that is where we come in! We will provide you with all of the support you need to be successful with your student this year.  All Families will be provided with:

  1. Weekly Schedules: that will help you cover all of the material for you and your students.

  2. Textbook Recordings: that will teach the concepts for the week following the Singapore terminology.  This is for both students and parents so that you can learn together.

  3. Workbook Exercise Recordings: Math is not a spectator sport! It takes practice and daily effort to become a great mathematician.  In order to make sure that no student feels stuck, we will provide video solutions to each problem.  This can be used by the students or parents. 

  4. Extra Practice: Each student will have different strengths and different struggles.  Each family has done a different curriculum leading up to this point and our goal is to provide support to fill in all the gaps. These problems will be optional and at the parent’s discretion 

  5. Intensive Practice and Word Problem Challenge: Part of the beauty of Singapore Mathematics is the rigor and critical thinking.  These challenge problems will stretch the minds of your students. Again to avoid frustration there will be video solutions posted for these problems. We will recommend that you do 1-2 of these problems a day and set a timer depending on your family’s needs, once the timer runs out you will watch the video and discuss the problem together. Over time your student will grow in their problem solving abilities

  6. Tests: This is will be optional depending on what you want to do as a family


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